Brand New-Ben Rector

It's a brand new week y'all! My last two weeks have been nothing less than insane and a brand new week sounds... GOOD. Especially this time of year. Don't you just love Fall? Feels like a good time for brand new. 

Ben Rector makes awesome music, there's no denying that. I knew I wanted to pick a song off his new record to share with y'all, but it was really tough to pick just one! I went with the title track because it's the only song with a real video. So, I'm recommending that you find a way to listen to the ENTIRE album and get back to me on what song you would've picked to share!

Here's hoping that today you can let go of somethings that make you feel old or tired and walk into this week feeling refreshed and new.

Thanks Ben, for writing songs we can all relate to. You're great and so are rollercoasters.