If you really knew me, you would know:

Magnolia's are my favorite flower. And I guess, favorite tree! And favorite smell!! They are just all around my favorite.

I have a love for British entertainment:  All Jane Austen novels turned to movies, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, The Great British Baking Show, Cranford, Larkrise to Candleford... you get the picture. But no, I've never been across the pond!

I walk. A lot. In fact, if we make plans to hangout, it will most likely be to go on a long walk in the sunshine.

My 5 favorite movies are: It's a Wonderful Life, You've Got Mail, Remember the Titans, Les Miserables (Hugh Jackman version), and Little Women (which is also in my top 5 favorite books).

I'm a morning person. One of the few + elusive!

As a middle schooler, I was a volunteer reenactor here. I played the role of Lucretia Cobb, wore a bonnet, and cooked blackberry dumplings over an open hearth. It was a dream come true.

I've come to notice that I end most sentences with a "!". To me, this makes the sentence happy! Not boring.

I spent an entire summer after college sleeping on a mattress in our living room floor with my friends. Oh we had beds, in our own rooms, but it was much more fun to fall asleep together watching Friday Night Lights.

I like Dunkin Donuts coffee more than Starbucks. But, I'll never turn down any coffee! (They make sure you like coffee before letting you have a blog.)

My man and I would really love to own a tiny house one day.

I enjoy the beach, but my heart belongs to the Smoky Mountains. I am a life long mountain enthusiast and we go often to hike or just drive through them.

I love a good board game! Many a Friday night do Matthew Darling and I spend in friendly competition!

Sunshine makes me come alive. You won't like me as much in the winter.

I got back on Instagram just for y'all!

I'm working on having an organic green thumb. We have plans to be urban(ish) farmers!

My childhood was pretty similar to that of the little girl in Remember the Titans (minus all the racial tension). My dad was a football coach and I thought it was the best profession for a dad to have!

I have a real weakness for chips + salsa. So, a "salty tooth" as opposed to sweet.

I love a good story. Through books, movies, family tales, or music, all stories are important to me.

I am an artist.

It was Coach Price and Mr. Jolley, my AP English teachers in high school, who really taught me how important and how beautiful words were.

If the things on my to-do list can be accomplished outside, that's where you will find me. I've always felt more like me in the great outdoors.

I'm super passionate about my house smelling nice. Bring on the candles, wall plug ins, and room sprays!

I've hiked a "13'ner" in Colorado. 

Three years ago, my friend McKenzie swore up and down that her brother and I were meant for each other. Turns out she was right and now she's my sister.

This blog is dedicated to:

The women who showed me how wonderful it is to love Jesus and each other, especially, my Momma,

and to,

Matthew Darling, who loves me, believes in me, inspires me, encourages me, and challenges me