In Over My Head-Jenn Johnson

What are you holding onto with all your might?
What are you desperately trying to maintain control of?
Are you burdened? Weary? Heavy? On the edge of losing that control?
Does it feel like the water is rising faster than you can climb?
Water that is swirling and pulling and moving you further from where you want to be? 

Why not let go?
Let the Living Water overtake and consume you.
Drink deep of it and be filled.
Open your hands and swim with the current.

In over our heads with our Lord is the safest place to be.
It's like Jenn sings in this song, "I've lost control, but I'm free".

Maybe I'm the only one, but letting go, being beautifully in over my head, sounds like the most freeing thing right now. 
I'd love to talk more about this if it's something you're feeling too, so leave a comment or email if going under sounds more attractive at this point than maintaining control.