The Show Ponies: A Double Feature

Guess what?! It finally happened. I couldn't narrow it down to just one song for this week.
I was having trouble picking, then I remembered, there are no rules for Shalom Sisters!
And if there were, I'm the one that made them, I could unmake them too!
Anyways, you get TWO videos this week! Just think of it as your Happy Fall or Happy October gift.

The Show Ponies were a new discovery for me.
Stumbled across their music this summer and was immediately torn up that I hadn't heard of them before!
So if you've been listening to them for years, forgive me for being late to the party.
But gosh I'm so glad I finally arrived to the party!
These guys are AWESOME.
I just checked their website for tour dates, but alas, they aren't venturing away from the West Coast any time soon.

Fall makes me extra happy I live in East Tennessee.
The color of the mountains, the crisp air, and the bluegrass.
Something about this season makes me feel like listening to bluegrass and only bluegrass.
And, lots of bluegrass.
I also have cravings for candied apples, hot drinks, and Dollywood. 
It's hard to be productive at this time of year because all those cravings are pulling at me!
I went on a walk with a friend recently and realized I'd lost track of how far we'd walked and wasn't even ready to quit!
I could be outside 100% of the time right now, but that isn't reality.

My point is, of all the indulgences and distractions that come along with Fall, listening to folk music or bluegrass around the clock is the only one that won't get me into trouble.
I can't spend every day in the mountains or at Dollywood and I can't drink PSL for fear of a growing mid-section or a shrinking bank account!
But music, ah music, it can be my constant companion.

The Show Ponies are fun, creative, eclectic, and brilliant.
I like their style, their sound, and their lyrics!
As far as I know, they are still somewhat of a hidden gem, so help them out and share the videos if you like them! 

Enjoy these videos with your windows open, an inviting candle burning, and maybe a hot coffee in your hands. 
You're gonna love 'um!