The Cello Song-The Piano Guys

I. Love. The Piano Guys.
Their name is misleading though as they are in fact one piano man and one cello man.
But whatever they are, one thing is sure, they are magical musicians!
Don't stop reading if you're thinking, "I'm not a fan of classical music", because these guys do it ALL.
Do you like Coldplay? What about Star Wars? How about Jurassic Park?! Bruno MarsLord of the Rings? The Jackson Five?
Surely you like something I just listed off!

The Piano Guys take songs that we all know and turn them into little slices of music heaven.
Their arrangements are nothing short of brilliant.
They also write their own originals and make really awesome music videos to fit along with their songs.
So creative and so fun, The Piano Guys get played a lot in our house!

I'm partial to this one though: