{A Month of Hymns} I Need Thee Every Hour

Today is a new beginning. A new year, a new day, a new chance to lay our lives down at your feet. No one knows for sure what their year will hold, but if we wake every day ready to walk in Your will, not our own, we can be sure that our year will be filled with Your mercies. We know, Father, because You told us so, that the road leading to You is narrow and hard. We know that our year will bring a mix of "joy and pain", and we know that we can bear all things when You are our foundation. It is my prayer today, that You would reveal Yourself in all our lives over the course of the next year. That in every circumstance, the ones we welcome and the ones we don't, You will be glorified. We need You every single hour, every breath we take, every word we say, we need You moving through them. Fill our every moment with Your life so that other look at us, but see only You. Shake us, wake us up to what You are doing in the world. Show us where we can serve you best. Cure us of our blindness of our sins and begin the hard work of breaking down our false selves, so there is space for You to build us into the man or woman you intended us to be. Every hour, Lord, we need You every hour of 2017. In the power of the Holy Spirit, may run the race You have set out for us, giving You glory all the way.

During the month of January, I will be sharing a favorite hymn each Sunday.
I love hymns.
The words in those worn out songs resonate with me in ways most present day worship music does not.
It feels good to strip away most everything and get down to the bare bones of worship.

What are some of your favorite hymns? I'd love to know!