McDaniel's Favorite Christmas Songs: Obscure Oldies

These aren't your typical Christmas oldies!
Maybe you were expecting some Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, or Rosemary Clooney?
Not today!
I have to say though that when I think "Christmas Music" I do tend to think Bing Crosby.
However, that's true for many of us so today we decided to share with you some tunes that you may not be familiar with, but that would absolutely add joy to your Christmas soundtrack!
My pick is up first!

My greatest musical influence in life has been my mom, a child of the 60's.
She has great and varied taste in music and it's thanks to her that I know about the folk trio of Peter, Paul, and Mary.
Y'all, their live Christmas album is in my top 3 favorite Christmas albums (Bing Crosby and Amy Grant finish it off).
It was really hard to pick just one song off the album so I almost uploaded the video that is the entire performance!
I didn't, but you should look it up, especially their version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas or the lesser known, The Friendly Beasts.
Their sound is unique which I like, but the choir accompaniment is what sells this album. 
I also love that it's live! The crowd interaction is fun.
Make sure you listen through the end!

Matthew's pick may not be as obscure, but I don't hear it over loud speakers in department stores much either.
This one is SO fun!
I can't help but dance around the living room when it comes on, pretending the remote is a microphone while Matthew fills in background vocals.
What's a Christmas playlist without some motown?
I'd love to have this on an actual record.
I'd also love to have a record player to play it on, ha!
Seems like the whole album would be a good one!

I hope we have stretched your Christmas music spectrum this week!
Next week will be the final installment of this Christmas favorites series and, surprise, it will also be CHRISTMAS DAY!
Till next time, happy listening!