McDaniel's Favorite Christmas Songs: Movie Music

Ah Christmas movies, whether you enjoy the classic's like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and White Christmas, or you're more of a cheesy Hallmark movie lover, it's true that Christmas movies are an integral part of celebrating the season.
My personal favorite is It's a Wonderful Life, which is actually my favorite movie of all time, but it doesn't really have a song unless you want to count Buffalo Gal's.
So I had to go with the more familiar, A Charlie Brown Christmas.
I love listening this album! It reminds of decorating the tree with my mom and brother while the Peanuts movie played in the background.
If it's not part of your Christmas playlist yet, do yourself a favor and add this jolly,jazzy soundtrack to the mix!

Matthew's pick this week is from the always fun Home Alone!
It's light and whimsical and definitely stirs up warm Christmas feelings.
I like this one a lot, but something about it makes me think of a few other soundtracks too!
Can you guess which ones?!