McDaniel's Favorite Christmas Songs: Country Carols

Christmas music is only enjoyed for a small part of the year, but you can be sure we enjoy it to the full extent during that time!
For the next few weeks I will be sharing our favorite Christmas tunes with you! 
Matthew has contributed to these post by selecting his own favorites from the different categories.
I'm starting off with what was likely the most challenging for him, country Christmas songs! 
His Christmas playlist on Spotify is a magnificent one and is at least 70% country songs, but when I asked him which I should use, Let it Be Christmas by Alan Jackson was the first one to roll off his lips.
This is such a sweet song and I'm thrilled it's the one he picked!
Close your eyes and enjoy!

I knew what my selection would be as soon as I started considering doing a Christmas music series.
Never mind the fact that I used to pretend to BE Amy Grant as a young girl, or that I still remember parts of her televised Christmas special, this song is just plain special.
Other than hearing Amy and Vince perform it, I love to hear this song from the stage at Dollywood.
I practically have the whole Smoky Mountain Christmas show there memorized, choreography and lyrics!
Christmases in Tennessee sure are tender and will be even more so this year as the holiday comes on the heels of the wildfires that have wreaked so much havoc in our communities.
But if you know anything about the good folks of East Tennessee, you know that their hearts are grounded by something greater than the gifts and glitz of the holiday season.
This Christmas will be more sweet and tender as families reflect on what is truly important and this song will carry more weight than ever.

What are your favorite Country Christmas Carols? I'd love to know and add them to our playlist!