A Prayer for Grace-Morgan Harper Nichols

This woman has a VOICE y'all. A voice and a good word for your Sunday.

I mentioned in an earlier post that songs really serve as prayers for me and this song proves that. I sing this song earnestly and often, praying that I am capable of pouring out the grace that has so mercifully been given to me. 

In case you haven't caught on yet, the songs I love are lyrically intensive. The words we sing get in our heads and stay there for some time. It's true! If you learned songs as a toddler, I bet you can still sing them! Or think about songs you learned in school. I can still name all the the U.S. Presidents and recite the Preamble of the Constitution because of songs. That's why the music we listen to is really important. It's in our heads and in our hearts. Listen to this song then listen to the rest of Morgan's album. Your day will be blessed.