Favorite band alert!!! I've always been more of an "alternative rock and roll girl" as opposed to a fan of pop, hip hop, or even country music. So NEEDTOBREATHE is the best of two worlds for me. Their music is positive and uplifting without being dull. These guys are AWESOME live. Matthew darling took me for my 26th birthday and it was hands down the best concert I've ever been to. Before the encore, they ended with this song. Y'all it was like being in heaven. Singing this song with a huge crowd of people in the Knoxville Coliseum was one of the most intense worship experiences I have ever had. Although this song is absolutely about relationship with God, NEEDTOBREATHE isn't exclusively a worship band at all. However, they do love Jesus and that spills out into their music. I picked this specific video because it is from their live recording album. These guys are good on vinyl (or iTunes), but it's a whole different sound live. Turn up your speakers and do some worship today that ROCKS.