Make This Leap-The Hunts

Closing out October with some more folk music!
So I really like folk music, ok?
It's in my roots to love beautifully blended harmonies with soothing stringed backgrounds.

Y'all, I stumbled across this group thanks to Spotify and WOAH.
First of all, the 7 members are siblings!
How neat is that?! 
Their mother is a classically trained violinist who taught them to play as many instruments as they cared to pick up.
Can you imagine getting along with your siblings (all 7 of them) well enough to be in a successful band?
In addition to their mad musical talents, they obviously also have fantastic relationship skills!

This spectacular band is from Virginia, but tours all over the US.
Wanna go to a show with me?!
They are coming to TN in December!