Monday, August 22nd

I grew up reading my momma's collection of PEANUTS comic books. What wisdom, honesty, and humor they contain! Cartoonists amaze me with their talent to be captivating, witty, truthful, and thought provoking within such contained space. They sure do say a lot without saying much at all. Here's one to ponder today.

Mom sent me this one just last week in her Monday email and I read it a couple times to let it sink in. I was left feeling like I was sitting next to Linus in the rain with my head cocked to one side and a frown on my face thinking,"Why?". Relatable isn't it? We too are often left with big questions after unexplained circumstances in our lives. It's super uncomfortable to sit in a frustrating or devastating situation and not have the 'why' spelled out clearly.

How do we keep moving when the answer we need doesn't find us? Faith. We throw our arms around faith, hold on for dear life, and keep moving forward. Sometimes, on earth, there just isn't going to be an answer.

What does this cartoon stir up in you? Maybe I've completely missed the mark, maybe it leads you to dwell on something else entirely. You can always let me know by leaving a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts. =D

Hope everyone has a better day than Linus!