Monday, August 15th

If Henri Nouwen said it, you know it's gold. 

This statement has so many levels to it. Here are my condensed thoughts:

1-YIKES! My life is ministry! Every word, every attitude, every decision, every eye roll...all that I do is speaking about God. If that truth was really on the forefront of my mind every second of every day, my life should look different than it does.
2-Hooray! I find myself really missing being in direct ministry until helpful words like these remind me THAT I STILL AM. I am directly ministering to my husband, my family, my peers, the guy bagging groceries at Ingles. This is awesome! Anything and everything I do is direct ministry, or can be if I am keeping communion with God.
3-I really want to be a woman whose love for God is a blazing fire. I told Matthew when we first started dating, and I try to tell friends regularly, if there is anything in me worth loving, that's the part of me that is Jesus. On my own, I am one rotten human being. So if you, reader, see something in me that you find likable or enviable, that's not me. That's Jesus. You are actually attracted to him.

Want to print this out and stick it on your fridge? Awesome! Me too. Just click here.

My momma, who shared this with me a few months ago, is a terrific example of this. She has ministered to me for 27 years and continues to do so daily. Yes, she's the best.