The Good News Bus

I know the first week of January can be really tough, so I figured we could all use a little GOOD NEWS!

I've been keeping up with this precious family for almost a year now.
Is there anything more whimsical than a family of nine living on a bus as the tour the country?!
Matthew and I were seriously considering living in a tiny home or converted bus there for a little while and it was while I was researching the nomadic lifestyle that I happened to find them!
I subscribed to their channel immediately and feel like I have gotten to know them very well through the video updates they post about their travels.
They remind me of pioneer families because they are full of love and respect for each other, have many talents that come in quite handy on the road, are resourceful, and obviously, get to have all sorts of exciting adventures all over the country!
They have recently been spending a lot of time in Colorado, but I'm thinking they need to say adios to the Rocky Mountains and come see our Smokies!

If you're looking to add some joy and whimsy to your life on a regular basis, subscribe to their channel!