Looking for a Savior-United Pursuit ft. Will Reagan

"I abandon my addiction to the certainty of life
and my need to know everything
this illusion cannot speak, it cannot walk with me at night
as I taste life’s fragility"

Have you ever found yourself in circumstances that demand God be more than you ever imagined Him to be? Have you ever gotten to that point in life when your sin and brokenness bring you to the feet of the Cross? Have you ever come to the realization that you do, indeed, need saving?

I love those lines, "this illusion cannot speak, it cannot walk with me at night as I taste life's fragility". WOW. What illusion is the singer referring to? Our illusion of God. The false one we have created thanks to bad theology or just plain refusal to know who He really is. Thank God, that He brings about events in our life that force those illusions to crumble and send us searching for Him, the true Him. He is not at all what our tiny human minds can make up. He is so much greater. 

I have gone looking for a Savior. I have found myself in desperate need of a God that was bigger than my pain, my fear, and my circumstances. I've been in a place where what I thought I knew about Him was undone and I had to go searching for what was actually true. I have gone looking for a Savior I could know.

Have you?