Where His Light Was-Kristene Dimarco

"Some things you can only learn in the dark"

Today is a first on Shalom Sisters. I couldn't pick one song, so I'm sharing the whole album! I started listening to this album right before our boy came along. I relate to it SO MUCH. Like Kristene, I too went through a dark time where fear and anxiety ruled my life. Jesus rescued both of us from darkness and set us in the light. That was a long time ago, but I remember that season. I remember that the art I made was all centered around light, all the scriptures I clung to, all the quotes I wrote down, all of it was light centered. I wish I would have had this album and her story to walk with me through that time too. 

Maybe you have known a season like this too, maybe not. But life brings us all through dark times eventually, so I want to make sure you have these songs to help you through. Watch the first video to hear Kristene's story and listen to the second to hear the album that was born from it.