Classic Country Love Songs: Rockin' Years-Dolly Parton

I asked Matthew Darling to take over Sunday Song Day for the month of September! He is always singing classic country songs to me and McBaby and I love it so much. Only, I don't know most of the songs! I wasn't raised on Country music like he was so it's all new to me. I'm enjoying every minute and I hope our boy learns to love "old" Country songs just like his dad.

Matthew chose 4 of his favorite classic Country love songs for me to put up on the blog this month and I'm kicking things off with my very favorite! We often say that this should've been our first dance song at our wedding (it was actually Sam Cooke's You Were Made For Me). It was in a rocking chair on the front porch of a Cracker Barrel that I first realized I was in love with Matthew and we are about to start rocking out sweet boy to sleep in our very own rocking chair. Also, I just love Dolly Parton which makes this song a special one to me too!

If you've never heard this song or if you don't consider yourself to be a fan of Country music, I hope you'll listen anyway. It's so sweet!