Little I Know-Dave Barnes

I can't believe I'm just now sharing a song by Dave Barnes! He's only one of my favorite artists ever! He's also at the center of one of my favorite memories ever. I got to sing with him at a Young Life weekend camp once and it about stopped my heart. That sure was a dream come true! 

The album this particular song comes from is just the sweetest. It's called Hymns for Her and is just love songs. Dave sure does know how to write a love song, his track record proves it. I'm sure I will share more of his songs as time passes.

This song stuck out to me among the others because of the lyrics. I've shared with y'all about how much Matthew and I love to make plans and control things, however, it always seems like our plans are foiled by God's better plans. That's why I loved this song. Little do we know what our life really holds. Little do we know how God is going to use us or where He is going to place us. Thankfully, His way is best and all our ruined plans work out for our good. I'd say this song reminds me a little bit of our love story. We didn't quite see our romance coming, but once it happened, it derailed all of our other so called plans.

I hope you enjoy this song. Definitely check out more of his work and be on the lookout in April because I'm sharing another song from this album!