Let it be Jesus-Christy Nockles

This is one of those worship songs that moves me to my bones. I have loved it and sung it for so many years and you can bet I'm going to have it play, LOUDLY, as I work to bring our boy into this world.

My favorite lyrics are, "Should I ever be abandoned, Should I ever be acclaimed, Should I ever be surrounded by the fire and the flame, There’s name I will remember, There’s a name I will proclaim, Let it be, let it be Jesus". This song empowers me, not because it makes me think I am powerful, but because it reminds me that He is! In my weaknesses, in my trials, in the darkest days, He is capable and worthy to be called upon! He should always be the first name that we call on. And not just in hardships, we should call His name before our eyes flutter open in the morning. I know I need Him that much. 

There is power in the name of our risen Lord! Use this song to call on Him!