Monday, September 18th, 2017

other voiceFINAL.jpg

Ugh. That one knocks the breath out of me. If you've kept up with any of my recent posts about what this pregnancy has been like, then you know what a hard time I've had enjoying it. Instead, I've been a slave to my to-do lists and out of control of my emotions. No wonder!! I relate to Lewis' words SO MUCH. All my wishes and hopes, not just for each day but for this whole parenthood thing, really do come rushing at me like wild animals every morning. Too often, I dive right into handling them instead of opening my hands and letting God fill them with His intentions for my day.

In exasperated moments, when I've reacted rashly AGAIN, and I'm wondering why I keep doing what I don't want to do, it's because I didn't begin my day listening to "that other voice", His sweet voice. Mom sent this memo to me years ago, but I'm so glad I held onto it. I'm writing this one down and praying that it helps me remember that my voice, as loud as it is, isn't the one that lets real life in. 

Doesn't that last line, "coming in out of the wind" sound nice? I picture a blustery winter day, when the sun hasn't shown it's face and the wind bitterly whips around my face, freezing my nose and making it hard to fully open my eyes. These are the days I dart in and out of places with my head down just trying to get things done as fast as I possibly can. Too often, we describe our lives as this type of a whirlwind. Things are happening at such a fast pace that we barely experience them before moving on to the next thing. If offering up my day to Jesus brings me in out of the wind, then that's where I want to be.