Monday February 20th, 2017

In case you didn't know, Matthew Darling and I bought our first house last fall. Finding the right place was a challenge, but we did it! However, ever since, I have been bitten by the envy bug.

I love our sweet house, but I'd love it more if I had just the right rug to go under just the right coffee table, or a new dining room table to match the buffet we got for Christmas, or the perfect mirror for the foyer....and the list goes on.

I have not been swimming in gratitude. I found myself making lists of what needed to be done or bought and becoming aggravated when things weren't happening on my timeline. I quickly realized that I was becoming very greedy instead of dwelling on the many precious gifts I do have.

So I got out a sweet little journal that my friend Holly gave me and added a new task to my morning routine. Now, before opening my Bible, I take note of at least 5 things I am grateful for. That has really helped me cultivate a grateful heart.

I still make some mental notes of things I'd like to have for the house, but I am working hard to be attached to things of a more eternal nature and not become attached to STUFF, especially STUFF that I don't even own yet! 

We are richly blessed in our marriage, in our jobs, in relationships with family and friends, and in communion with Christ. Being grateful for those things really does help me see that what I have is enough.

Thanks for the reminder, Momma!