Shalom Meets Namaste

Y'all, do you practice yoga? 

My yoga practice was very random and scattered UNTIL I found Yoga with Adrienne. I spent the month of August getting serious about yoga. Why? Because it feels good. It's as simple as that. I wasn't trying to change my body or lose weight, I just wanted to create time in my day to do something really good for me. I asked my sweet friend Holly to go through yoga camp with me to help keep me accountable, but it turns out the more yoga I did the more yoga I wanted to do! My bones, muscles, spirit, and soul just kept feeling better. If there were more hours in the day, I would spend a lot more time on my mat. I'm not quitting even though my 30 days are up. Yoga will be a regular part of my routine from now on.

All that said, I still have a LONG way to go and so much to learn! Crow pose? Not yet, but I'm going to keep practicing and see where the journey takes me! I'm leaving August feeling healthier and more peaceful  than when the month started so I wanted to share this practice with you! Don't be afraid! Adrienne is seriously low key. She is super funny, light hearted, non-judgmental, and not at all hokey. I wish I lived in Texas and could take her classes in person (seriously, are all awesome things in Texas? ie: Chip + Joanna, Jen Hatmaker, Matt Chandler, etc). You also can't use the excuse, "I don't have a yoga mat". I got mine at Marshall's for a grand total of $9!! No joke.

Anyways, check out this intro to Yoga Camp video today then you can begin with Day One on Thursday. We all know '30 days has September', so why not spend those 30 days at Yoga Camp?! It may not be in your comfort zone, but I promise you won't regret the time spent on the mat.