Throwback Thursday: Living and Loving

Y'all, my phone does something so awesome.
Yes, smart phones do LOTS of awesome things, but this may be my favorite thing it does.

Sometimes when I intend to type the word "live" my phone auto-corrects the word to "love" and vice versa.
If I don't catch it before hitting send, I end up with phrases like this:

Tell me where you love.

Where are you going to love next year at school?

I live you!

You love so far away!!

How long have you loved there?

I found a place to love!

And I could go on. But you get the gist, life is an opportunity to love.
No matter where you call home, you get to love people and be loved.

Jesus would agree on this point.
In fact, Jesus said that if you follow all his commandments but don't love others, then you're faith is no good.
Because that's the point of all this.
This thing called life that is.
To Christ, and apparently my phone, to live and to love are one in the same!

Think about the people that you love the deepest. You live them too don't do?
Your heart and soul share in their joys, sorrows, celebrations, and defeat.
You pray over them, pour into them, and give more than you have.
My phone is right.
I live the people that I love.


It's a pretty word that conjures up happy thoughts.
My mind goes to fields of flowers and sunshine, running through the openness towards a mighty mountain. Matthew is there with me all smiley and, as Usher would say, "caught up" in the beauty of love.
I think of my parents who loved me and Daniel so sacrificially.
And I think of the McMinn's who have so intertwined the words live and love that they have absolutely been welded into one powerful word.
But, most importantly, love to me is the image of Christ on the cross, bleeding and suffering for me, and of the veil in the temple splitting from top to bottom signifying that we are no longer separate from the God who created us.

To live is not to judge or condemn or gossip or slander.
To live is not to abandon or tear down or exclude or abuse.

To live is to love.


May 15, 2015