Throwback Thursday: No One

There is no one that I have disappointed more often than You.
No one I have wronged as many times.
No one I have so easily & thoughtlessly abandoned.
There is no one from whom I have hidden so often.
No one whose loyalty I have masterfully taken advantage of.
No one I mock or make a fool of as viciously.
There is no one that I ignore on a regular basis.
No one else that I  question so consistently.
No one that I disobey as blatantly.


There is no one who loves me as deeply.
No one who forgives me more often.
No one who waits on my return with arms wide open.
There is no one who desires me more.
No one who is more ready to forgive, forget, & start anew.
No one who understands my heart as well.
There is no one else that truly has the best intentions for my life.
No one else who has faith in me.
No one else who finds me as beautiful & perfect.
No one but You.

February 12, 2012