Throwback Thursday: April 9, 2012

It might sound odd to say I have a favorite part of the crucifixion story, but I do!
The part that really speaks to me is when the curtain in the temple is torn in half. Top to bottom.
Now that's unexplainable!
What a strong & mighty way to say that things are different.
What better way to prove Christ's teachings.
The curtain that separated people from God no longer exists!!
He left his holy place & is among us. It's incredible!

I love to imagine the people in the temple.
I like to think that it was rather empty.
That most of the people who would be there regularly were at the crucifixion.
But possibly a few stayed behind.
Silently going about their daily duties, trying to ignore the buzz throughout town.
Then, the sky darkens.
The wind picks up.
It blows out all the candles.
No longer can they ignore what is happening in their city.
Every doubt they had about killing this innocent man becomes a throbbing pain in their stomachs.
As the sky turns black & the heavens rumble, they do the only thing they know to do, drop to their knees & pray.
Then in one second, a booming instant of thunder & lighting, sent from an angry & broken-hearted God, the curtain is torn.
The men see it rip.
Top to bottom.
One, afraid for his life, runs from the temple into the empty street.
Another faints, & another is weeping uncontrollably, realizing too late what has occurred.

How incredible!
Instant gratification!!
Christ promised to bring us life, to break the barrier between humans & God, to shake the foundations of religion.
And he did.
In the same moment that he took his last breath, all he had claimed, came true.

Father, remind me often of the cross.
For when I think of it, I am comforted.  Why you love me, I will never truly grasp.
But you do. And I am humbly grateful.
Keep me focused on the cross.