Throwback Thursday: A Poem

I wish that I was better than I am.
I wish that I could make the right decisions.
I wish that I felt good about myself.
I wish I could be all that I've envisioned.

The waiting & the growing has been painful.
The heartache & the worry brought me down.
The choices that I've made have led me nowhere.
The world, once so tempting, now has me bound.

I dream of shaking off these chains & shackles.
I dream of a bold life, both free & fearless.
I pray for mercy, grace, & guidance.
I pray that You will guide me through my mess.

It comforts me to know Your love is endless.
It helps to know You forgive & start anew.
I just know my awakening, my transformation,
Will lead me straight, quickly now, to You.


I can wholeheartedly say, almost 5 years later, that He did lead me straight to His heart. The girl that penned this poem is a very distant memory to me. Who I am now has replaced her and who I am now is grateful for the journey of that girl, for the journey led here, to His feet, to His cross.