Throwback Thursday: My Family

This sweet poem was written in 1989 by Lucille Hurst Johnson, my Great-Great Aunt. I thought it was sweet enough to share as today's throwback!

My Family

A big family is something great,
Where love is strong and there is no hate.
I had such a family, a good mother and dad,
The sweetest and best anyone ever had!

We were not endowed with lots of riches;
In fact, the boys wore patches on their britches.
And mercy me! No one knows,
How we girls wore hand-me-down clothes!

Our parents worked when they were able,
And always had good food on our table.
We didn't have much money spare,
But heaps of love, we had to share.

We'd visit each other in spite of the weather,
And had a great time all together.
We'd tell a funny story, or a song we'd sing;
Didn't leave out much of anything.

But we knew we couldn't be together forever,
For some have already crossed the river.
But we will meet them on the other shore,
And all be together, forever more.